Outstanding Transitional, Rehab, Skilled and Specialty Care

Legacy Healthcare is a leading provider of outstanding residential health care consulting services. Headquartered in Skokie, Illinois, we currently service 52 facilities across 4 states.

Improving the Lives of Our Residents

Each of our facilities reflects the unique needs and character of the communities they serve. And all live up to our high standards of quality care by combining clinical expertise with a level of comfort, convenience and modern amenities rarely seen in residential care settings.

Changing the Way We Look at Healthcare

At Legacy, we have proven our ability to sustain strong growth while maintaining the highest standards of care. We are proud of the facilities we manage, the dedicated healthcare professionals on our team and our unmatched reputation as an organization that is leading a transformation in the way we look at short- and long-term care.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead healthcare back to a place where people are treated like people—one where care is more personal, empathetic, and customized to every individual.

Our Mission

Our Company uses the power of positive culture to drive exceptional patient care. Customer service is at the core of what we do; by empowering our employees to personify care, along with fostering clinically proficient teams, we work every day towards helping people get well sooner.


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